Are all the ingredients in Brewhouse Ice Teas Organic?
We care about what you and we consume, so all our ice teas are made with USDA certified organic ingredients. Which means all our ingredients are grown without any chemical pesticides, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge and irradiation. We only put wholesome goodness in our teas.

Do your flavours come from real fruits?
Our teas do not contain fruit juices, instead we use Natural and Nature-Identical Flavours to create the flavours in our ice teas. Natural Flavours are derived from the fruit mentioned on the bottle, for example we use flavours derived from lemons to flavour our Classic Lemon Ice Tea. Nature-Identical Flavours, on the other hand, are a combination of natural elements to create a specific flavour. For example, using natural flavours like apple or rose, create a flavour that tastes like Peach. Our flavorists use these natural elements and their combinations to derive Nature-Identical Flavours, creating the flavour of the fruit mentioned on the bottle

Do Brewhouse Teas contain caffeine?
Tea naturally contains caffeine and the levels vary depending on the type of tea. General speaking tea contains about 1/3rd of the caffeine of coffee. Tea is the only plant that contains L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes calm and relaxation. Together with the naturally occurring caffeine in tea it can create a state of mindful alertness.

Are Brewhouse Teas Vegan?
While we don’t claim that our teas are vegan on our labels, they are free of any animal or animal-derived ingredients.

Are Brewhouse Teas Gluten-Free?
All our teas are free from ingredients derived from grains or flours that can be associated with gluten sensitivity. However, for now, we don’t make any gluten free label claims.

What’s the sedimentation I sometimes see at the bottom of the bottles?
It’s tea! And evidence that the tea you are enjoying is naturally brewed whole-leaf tea. It’s perfectly normal and we encourage you to shake the bottle before you enjoy it, to experience the complete richness of the teas.

How long can Brewhouse Tea last?
The shelf life of tea can vary based on its type, so check the date stamped on each bottle. Our teas in glass bottles can be enjoyed for up to 12 months and the teas in our PET bottles can be enjoyed for up to 9 month from the date they were made. To enjoy this fresh naturally brewed whole-leaf tea and to experience all its goodness, once opened, please refrigerate and enjoy within 3 days.


How are Brewhouse Ice Teas preserved without adding preservatives?
We use a process called Hot-Fill, which allows our glass and PET bottles to be filled with our teas at a high temperature and then immediately capped and chilled. This means that the entire bottle is sanitised and free of oxygen. This Hot-Fill process ensure a longer shelf life for our teas without any preservatives.

Doesn’t this process affect your Plastic Bottles?
Our PET bottles are made from specialised high-density plastic and are formed at 95 degrees, so they can withstand the high filling temperature of the Hot-Fill process.


Are Brewhouse Tea bottles recyclable?
Yes! Our plastic and glass bottles are 100% recyclable and we encourage all our consumers to recycle our bottles.

Why did Brewhouse Tea switch to plastic bottles?
Our PET bottles are more convenient for consumers who want to enjoy our teas on the go. They are lighter, virtually unbreakable and can be recycled. About 95% of PET bottles in India are recycled in an effort to battle plastic pollution. We encourage our consumers to always recycle.

What’s that ‘pop’ sound i hear when I open the glass bottles?
That’s the sound of freshness. Each of our glass bottles has been Hot-Filled which makes them airtight. When you twist open the cap, the “pop” lets you know the seal has been broken and you can now enjoy a refreshing naturally brewed ice tea.